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Fringe FM ( DAB / VHF) and UHF Diplexer

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FM / UHF Diplexer Specification

  • FM/UHF Masthead Combiner
  • VHF& FM Range: 47-230MHz
  • UHF Range: 470-862MHz
  • Manufacturer: Fringe
  • Digital Compatible: Yes
  • Connector: Saddle & Clamp

FM / UHF Diplexer Features

  • Used to combine signals into a single feed
  • Feed from an FM (or DAB / VHF Aerial) and UHF aerial into a single feed
  • Often Used in conjunction wth:TV Aerial & Satellite Wall Plate (to split the signal back out)


    • Solid and robust diplixer with excellent click down lid design
    • Effectively combines UHF and FM especially when Aerials are mounted outdoors
    • In strong signal areas can be used in conjunction with a splitter to at least 4 different Radio / TV wall plates

    Alternative options for very poor reception areas or if there are multiple connections is to:

    • Use a 2 Input Powered Distribution System - with 2, 4, 6 or 8 outputs
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