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Triax UHF Diplexer TFC 3537
€16.22 (ex VAT)
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Triax TFC 3537 Diplexer 

Triax TFC 3537 Diplexer Specification

  • VHF/UHF & UHF Masthead Combiner
  • Input 1: 47-590 MHz
  • Input 2: 598-862 MHz
  • Manufacturer: Triax
  • Insertion Loss: 3dB
  • Part #: 370685
  • Connector:  F-type

Triax TFC 3537 Diplexer Features

  • Used to combine the feed from a UHF aerial and UHF aerial into a single feed e.g. where feed is been taken from a UK and an Irish transmitter


  • Excellently designed unit with low loss F-type connections
  • Prevents interference by excluding frequencies from above or below a certain frequency on each aerial
  • Very limited range of alternative products that do this job
  • Effectively combines two UHF signals into one especially when aerials are mounted outdoors
  • Can be used in conjunction with Masthead Amplifiers


  • Used only in a limited number of areas in the country normally close to the East coast or the border with Northern Ireland
  • Will not solve the problem of when desired frequencies from 2 different transmitters overlap

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