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HD Combo Kit (No Dish required) Ex Sky Customer
€105.65 (ex VAT)
(€129.95 inc VAT)

Brand new complete with 12 month manufacturers warranty

HD Combo Kit (No Dish required -Ex Sky Customer)

This Kit contains everything you need to be able to receive all the Free Digital Saorview Irish TV and Freesat UK Satellite channels on a single receiver. This is ideal for customer moving over from Sky and have retained their Sky Dish. All you need is your Sky Dish with a cable feed and a Television. 

Watch BBC HD, BBC 1 HD, ITV HD & CH4 HD as well as over 200 standard digital channels from Freesat.

Watch RTE's new digital Saorview service, RTE1, RTE2, TV3, TG4, 3e, RTE News Now, RTE Junior & RTE +1 as well.

This receive requires a feed from both a satellite dish and a terrestrial TV aerial.

Use one remote to watch both services.

Very user friendly.

Recording features:

With an external powered hard drive you can;

    • Record Satellite , watch Terrestrial
    • Record Terrestrial, watch Satellite
    • Record Terrestrial, watch another Terrestrial

    Look at photos or listen to MP3 files via your memory stick or external hard-drive.

    Satellite Combo Kit Contents

    • Amiko Mini Extra Combo or Blazer HD Combo (Pre-programmed)
    • HDMI to HDMI Cable - 1.5m
    • TV Aerial & Wall Mounting Kit
    • Satellite Installation Kit 
    Additional Features
    • It is a MPEG4 receiver capable of showing RTE2 in HD (High Definition)
    • It automatically scans all 8 Saorview channels in sequence via Automatic or Manual scan options. (you will need to know the UHF channel of your local transmitter for the Manual scan)
    • As well as a HDMI output, it has a scart output- it can downscale HD broadcasts so you can watch them on older scart only TV's
    • Shows both HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) channels
    • Built-in USB port allows you to record channels on the external storage
    • Allows playback of various media, including MP3 music and MKV and XviD movies

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