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Free-to-air, Saorview & 4K Android (Netflix) HD Package
€267.48 (ex VAT)
(€329.00 inc VAT)
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Free-to-air, Saorview & 4K Android HD Package Including Installation

  • The new 3 in 1 unit, Satellite HD combo box & Android box, One box, One Remote.

Brand new complete with 12 month manufacturers warranty

Demo of this product is available in store

Special on-line offer of €399 supplied and fitted, available for a limited time only! Watch over 12 channels in Full High Definition & over 300 channels in Standard Definition! Watch your favourite series via Netflix and many other popular apps.

Free-to-air, Saorview & 4K Android HD Package Features

  • This is a one off payment 
  • There is no monthly or yearly charge
  • No viewing card is needed
  • No phone line is required
  • Watch BBC1 HD, BBC 2 HD, BBC4 HD, UTV HD, ITV1 HD & CH4 HD as well as over 300 standard digital free-to-air satellite channels
  • Watch RTE's new Saorview service, RTE1 (HD), RTE2 (HD), TV3, TG4, 3e, UTV Ireland, RTE Junior, RTE news now & RTE+1
  • Use one remote to watch both services

With an external hard drive add on you can;

  • Record Satellite , watch Terrestrial
  • Record Terrestrial, watch Satellite or Terrestrial*
  • Record Terrestrial, record Satellite & watch another Terrestrial all at same time

Saorview + Freesat Package includes:

  • Supply and Installation of satellite dish
  • Supply and Installation of small digital aerial
  • All cabling and fixing
  • Satellite Dish and Digital Aerial alignment
  • Supply and Installation of Ferguson 4K Android Combo Box 
  • Channel Programming
  • 3 in 1 Satellite HD combo box & Android in one unit

Saorview & Freesat channels available on this package:

Currently, over 300 free Digital satellite channels available.

Freesat Channel List 

More info on the Ferguson 4K Combo Android box:

Main features:

  • 4K UHD – Support for ultra-high resolutions
  • H.265/HEVC – Support for hardware decoding
  • DVB-S2 – 4K UHD/H.265/HEVC
  • DVB-T/T2 – also support for H.265/HEVC standard
  • DVB-C – Cable television
  • Support for pay TV card reader (CA)
  • Dualband Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz/5Ghz
  • Ethernet modem (LAN) for interactive communication with local network and Internet
  • Bluetooth – Support for connecting the keyboard and mouse or other devices
  • SD Card Reader
  • Hard drive ready – Support for easy hard drive installation for TimeShift and programs recording
  • Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • Kodi Media Center – Advanced multimedia support
  • Netflix, HBO GO – Excellent cooperation with almost all Video On Demand (VOD) services
  • DLNA, Miracast i AirPlay – Support for media streaming to the device

Ariva 4K Combo is not just a media player. When user connects a keyboard and mouse (via USB or Bluetooth), one can surf the internet, play games, work with documents or use social networking sites without the need of a computer and monitor – simple connection the device to the TV is enough.

Ariva 4K Combo is the center of home entertainment. With acclaimed and well-known application Kodi Media Center users can easily catalog their media collections to create one, easy to navigate library. For lovers of movies in the highest quality, Kodi offers full hardware support of video 4K decoding, even encoded with the latest and very hardware demanding H.265/HEVC codec. Ariva 4K Combo offers full support for hardware video decoding. It’s simply the best choice to watch movies that provides the highest quality experience, thanks also to S/PDIF port, so the user can connect the device to the receiver and enjoy surround sound in movies.

Ariva 4K Combo is a family device. You can easily transfer to the TV screen photographs, movies, or music directly from your phone or tablet. The whole family can enjoy photos and videos from birthdays or other events without the need to transfer them to the device or placing them on the Internet.

Ariva 4K Combo is running a well-known and well-liked Android 5 version. The user has access to the full content of Google Play Store applications for Android and that means almost infinite possibilities. Games, utilities, VOD services, music services, information services, Internet… Everything at your fingertips and on the big TV screen!

Ariva 4K Combo can be operated with the supplied remote control but also can make use of a dedicated application that greatly facilitates and speeds up the workflow with the device. Additionally, the application allows you to watch TV on your smartphone or tablet – directly from the receiver!

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